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This season we invite you to see things from a new angle. We suggest breaking with the routine we all follow during the week to find moments for yourself and whoever you like, moments when the little details become important and the simplest things give us energy and happiness. Because, sometimes, a little gesture like having dinner out during the week, making some time for yourself and your friends one evening or making Wednesday lunch special just because you feel like it, becomes a small triumph.

And you deserve your prize!

When a break, a different lunch-time or a mid-week meet-up becomes a little triumph.

We find inspiration in the fast pace of everyday life: in a conversation, in an image, in a sound and also in the streets. In fact, it is in the streets that the trends that inspire people can be experienced (and not only seen). Because it is in city streets where culinary trends emerge. Where traditional recipes are given a new twist, whether through the addition of new ingredients or altering their context, placing them in totally unexpected environments. Where, with ingredients we have known all our lives we can be surprised by a new combination or a new finishing touch you would never have dreamed of.

And it is this street attitude where, this season, we are inspired to introduce you to Viena’s new winter menu.

We all know how much a moment to ourselves or with our loved ones is worth. That is why we invite you to find a moment for you and yours to enjoy our winter recipes.

And how do we encourage you to do all this? Well, with dishes that are less formal, but really tasty and with original details. We inspire us in the streets of Paris to bring you the Crêpe Carbonara; we present you also the new Xató Salad; the Milanès Croissant, stuffed of cream of Mascarpone; the Uppsala Potatoes with a new sauce of mayonnaise of mustard of dill; the new Limonata alla melagrana, with pomegranate, and the Swiss, the Cappuccino and the Tea Royal.

With knife and fork or with your hands, dishes for you to enjoy your prize.

The Crêpe Carbonara, a crêpe stuffed with Brie cheese, our own crispy bacon slices, aubergine, mushrooms and cooked onion; and all rounded off by our own carbonara sauce. Ideal to accompany a main course, we present Xató Salad, made with cod and our own Romesco vinaigrette sauce that pairs perfectly with the ingredients in the salad.

On the other hand, Mascarpone cream cheese is the main ingredient of the new Croissant Milanès, an irresistible delight that you will ask for again and again.

Mustard dill, one of the most popular sauces in Scandinavian cuisine, inspired Viena to create a new sauce for new Uppsala Potatoes: mustard dill mayonnaise.

Our limonatas have become one of your favourite drinks. La Limonata alla melagrana is a drink with citrus flavour is milder, fusing the aromatic mint flavour with the sweet taste of pomegranate.

At the end, the hardest choice: a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate? It’s up to you!

Additionally, we recover recipes of other seasons that we know you love them: la Tartufata, Coca Lorraine, Cream of Zucchini Soup and Chocolate Cake.

Because you deserve it!