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Crêpe Carbonara

Rédecouvrez Paris


  • Brie cheese
  • Our own crunchy Bacon
  • Our own Carbonara sauce
  • Aubergine
  • Mushrooms
  • Cooked Onion

Viena’s reinterpretation

A recipe inspired by the streets of Paris showing that the French capital is more than just its bistrots.

This winter we travel to Paris, but not to go up to the Eiffel Tower or visit the Louvre again; rather, to discover its street markets. Food stalls standing right in the middle of streets and squares that breathe life into the city’s neighbourhoods and where Parisians get together to discover different recipes. Tasty recipes like Crêpe Carbonara, a crêpe stuffed with Brie cheese, our own crispy bacon slices, aubergine, mushrooms and cooked onion; and all rounded off by our own carbonara sauce.

The start ingredient is the carbonara sauce we make in our own kitchens. This is a strong, tasty sauce that makes each bite melt in your mouth and blends perfectly with our bacon. Also, it contrasts with the Brie cheese, the texture of the aubergine, the mushrooms, the cooked onion and, above all, the sweet crêpe batter. A recipe for contrasts that we suggest you savour as a main course. If you are brave, you can eat it with your hands, but we recommend using the cutlery – that way you will not lose even a drop of our delicious sauce!

The star ingredient in this recipe is the carbonara sauce we make in our own kitchens.

The crêpe takes inspiration from the streets of Paris but also tips its cap to the market, taking the greatest care over ingredients. Because, in the street, great recipes are made from select ingredients, the criteria taking into account their origin and their preparation; not because they are gourmet ingredients available to only the few. That is why we have chosen to make the carbonara sauce ourselves and our ingredients include bacon, a meaty delicacy that we have been making for decades.

Our own bacon

We are not joking when we say our bacon is one hundred per cent artisanal. The meat is purchased fresh and matured for five days in salt, sugar and other ingredients. Then it hands for a full day so the pieces are well stretched and the meat becomes tender. Finally, it is smoked in beech chips and dried for eight days at constant temperature and humidity to control the curing process. The result is unique bacon with a very powerful, distinctive flavour and a full, authentic aroma.

Origin of the dish

Crêpes are originally from the French region of Brittany, where they are known as krampouezh. They first appeared during the Middle Ages, when farmers would pour a dough made from flour, eggs and liquid onto rocks that had been previously heated directly by fire. This made a batter to hold their simple meals, a quicker alternative to cooking a baguette.

Although today they are a symbol of the whole country and they are found everywhere, the French eat crêpes especially at Candlemas, Chandeleur, usually accompanied by cider.

Why? Well, according to legend, every February 2 (40 days after Christmas), the faithful would go to the church to collect a candle that they had to take home and leave until it burned down completely. On arriving home, the tradition was to cook crêpes or, they said, the entire wheat crop would be ruined.