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Iberian cured ham

The best sandwich in the world, according to the The New York Times.


  • Acorn-fed Ibérico shoulder ham cured to traditional methods
  • Homemade small baguette

Origin and history of the recipe

The key to this recipe lies in its simplicity: two excellent ingredients, acorn-fed Ibérico ham and small baguette, which combine to make the best sandwich ever.

Curing ham goes back to Roman times, when the slaughtering of the pig was a ceremony and the shoulders and legs of the animal considered the best cuts, only available to people from the highest social classes.

In Viena, we respect the product and follow traditional curing processes to obtain the best cured shoulders, with an unbeatable flavour. They’re chosen by hand, one by one, and closely monitored for months to ensure the curing process goes ahead without a hitch.

Viena’s reinterpretation

This sandwich is, without doubt, the most recognised item on our menu. The food critic Mark Bittman published an article in The New York Times in which he qualified our Iberian ham flauta as probably the best sandwich in the world.

Made from personally selected acorn-fed Ibérico shoulder ham, dried and cured according to traditional methods.

The ham, authentic acorn-fed Ibérico shoulder, personally selected, dried and cured according to traditional methods, is served with a freshly made small baguette spread with tomato. The baguettes ferment every day from 18 to 24 hours and are baked on the premises every two hours. The result is a truly golden, crunchy bread, always at its best.