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New 100% compostable utensils

At Viena, we are aware of the environment and want to help to create a more beautiful world. That is why this year we have changed the utensils we provide for our customers in order to reduce the use of plastic both on and off our premises.

The first change was made around six months ago, when we replaced our potato forks with wooden forks and introduced compostable wrappers for our new salads and stainless steel cutlery instead of throwaway plastic knives, forks and spoons.

Over the coming weeks, we will gradually replace plastic utensils with 100% compostable and recyclable materials. We will change both the cutlery we provide for take-away meals and our drinks glasses. Users can dispose of these new utensils either in the organic waste or as general refuse.

New sustainable solutions that help us to reduce the use of throwaway plastic utensils and promote reusable products and containers. Working together to reduce our environmental footprint.