Street food forms part of the true culinary culture of any city. Indeed, this fun food, sold in the public space and affordable for everyone, is often the most authentic fare you can find.

This winter, for your culinary delight, we have absorbed all that is best from the street food trend to create casual, daring dishes with a gourmet touch.

Not a day goes by without us hearing about street food, a concept that comes up regularly in all our conversations. The trend has really taken hold around the world in recent years, and Barcelona is no exception. Like other European capitals, the Catalan capital also has a regular programme of popular street markets.


In our new menu, we seek to capture the very essence of street food: new dishes inspired by cities, by urban rhythm and dynamism, and which are not exclusive to the weekend, but invite us to have a good time with friends during the week too. These are daring recipes which tell you not to worry about getting your hands a bit dirty, but just to relax and enjoy. And all under the Viena trademark, made especially by us from the most select ingredients. A combination that ensures a good time for everyone!

We begin this winter by revamping the classic Viena. Frankfurters ceased to be just a sausage in a bun long ago; today, they are a gourmet treat. And now we are modernising the concept: let us present Prinz, a frankfurter made from the finest beef and pork combined with melted raclette cheese, fried onion, our own crispy bacon and a mild mustard sauce. A treat for both the eyes and the taste buds that will soon be all over Instagram (you know, #Foodporn).

And, as usual, Prinz is accompanied by other new treats: Ipaaperol, a combination of Aperol and IPA beer; #CHOK, a chocolate delight perfect for breakfast, tea or dessert; and our home-made pizzas, the Rosso and the Bianco Tartufo, both with new ingredients, more topping than ever.

What’s more, the Tartufata is back, one of our classic winter dishes. We also see the return of Coca Lorraine and Porchetta Coca, Flandes Potatoes and Cream of Zucchini Soup for cold winters. And finally we offer our famous Chocolate Cake and La Caffetteria, your little treat.