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Your little treat

A cup of tea, coffee or chocolate? You’ll have trouble choosing!


Hot chocolate
Chocolate and hazelnut chip


Steamed milk foam
Spéculoos (Belgian biscuit syrup)
Cocoa powder


English Breakfast Tea
Spéculoos (Belgian biscuit syrup)

We want to become the meeting point for urban travellers.

We present three cafeteria recipes to savour at any time of day: Royal Tea, made from a blend of black teas with lemon, anise, cinnamon and spéculoos Belgian biscuit syrup: Cappuccino, with foamy milk, spéculoos and coffee, topped with a sprinkle of cocoa; and Swiss, the classic recipe of hot chocolate and cream, covered with chocolate and hazelnut chips. We also present a new size of cup for your coffee with milk, a larger format for lovers of longer stays!


The chocolate-lovers’ palettes will be well-pleased: we’ve brought back the Swiss recipe.

This season sees return of the classic Swiss recipe. A hot drink we make from thick, thick chocolate with cream whipped to a peak, two ingredients that we cover with chocolate and hazelnut chips.

This is a really tasty recipe that combines sweetness with a slight hint of bitterness and offers a contrast of soft and crunchy textures. With this mix we achieve a hot, comforting drink which is ideal at breakfast, mid-afternoon for tea, or as a dessert following a light meal.


We’ve enhanced the popular cappuccino recipe adding a new ingredient: spéculoos.

We present more complete and tasty recipe: the cappuccino with spéculoos. We make the drink by first pouring in a layer of spéculoos Belgian biscuit syrup. We add milk with a lot of foam, an ingredient that remains floating on the first layer. Then we pour in the coffee, which mixes with the lower part of the milk but stays separate from the foam. Finally, we top it off with a sprinkle of powdered cocoa to cover the entire surface.


An aromatic beverage in which spices are the key.

The tea we use to make Royal Tea is a blend of black teas popularly known as English Breakfast, because it’s what the English usually drink for breakfast so they can start the day charged with energy. It’s a full-bodied tea with fruity aromas and a delicate flavour that we combine with slices of lemon, anise, cinnamon and spéculoos Belgian biscuit syrup.

The result is a cup full of flavour, in which the lemon’s acidity contrasts with the spicy notes of the spéculoos and the sweetness of the anise and cinnamon.


So that your stay in Viena is not too short, enjoy a cup of coffee in a bigger format.

We want you all to come to the Viena and feel at home, enjoy a pleasant stay and spend the morning, midday, afternoon or evening with us. Outside, the pace of life is fast and stressful, that’s why we want the Viena to be a place where you can disconnect; a stopping point where you can quietly enjoy your time, while sipping a wonderful cup of coffee.