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Xató Salad

Classics never die


  • Cod
  • Tuna
  • Diced tomato
  • Black olives
  • Mixed lettuce

Origin of the dish

In the spirit of reviving old recipes, we suggest a traditional Catalan dish. Who says traditional things cannot be new?

One of the things that street cuisine, the most informal kitchens, has achieved is to revive age-old recipes and present them in a setting totally different from their original context. By revamping classics, street cuisine has made them popular among the new generations. It is in this spirit that, this winter, we present a dish that is both new and a classic: Xató Salad.

Cod and our own Romesco vinaigrette sauce give this salad its outstanding flavour.

Ideal acompanyant un plat principal, la nova amanida compta amb bacallà, tonyina, tomàquet, olives negres i una barreja d’enciams. El toc final el dóna la nova vinagreta romesco; una vinagreta d’elaboració pròpia que preparem amb ametlla i avellana torrades, tomàquets i d’altres ingredients. Una vinagreta que lliga a la perfecció amb els ingredients de l’amanida. Tot i així, també podeu maridar l’amanida amb les altres vinagretes que també elaborem: mel i mostassa, olivada i mòdena. Us ho deixem al vostre gust.

Viena’s reinterpretation

The final touch is given by the new Romesco sauce; our own sauce, which we make from toasted almonds and hazelnuts, tomatoes and other ingredients. A vinaigrette that pairs perfectly with the ingredients in the salad. However, you can also combine this salad with the other vinaigrettes we make: honey and mustard, olive, and Modena. We leave it to your taste.


Cod is a popular fish in Catalan cuisine: esqueixada cod salad, cod a la llauna, cod cannelloni, cod with raisins and spinach, cod fritters, and many more. In fact, the Catalans have been eating cod since the sixteenth century. Its conservation in salt enabled it to be transported in good condition all over the country and to monasteries. Indeed, cod was transported so far.

However, cod has never been fished in the Mediterranean – it is caught in the North Atlantic. Around the tenth and eleventh centuries, the Basque people sailed out to hunt whales in colder waters, reaching Newfoundland, where they discovered cod. They brought it to the Iberian Peninsula secretly and in good condition, as they knew how to conserve fish in salt. Little by little its use spread, especially when the Catholic Church made it a popular meal at lent.

Our own Romesco vinaigrette

At Viena we have been making our own vinaigrettes for years. This season, we present a new recipe: Romesco vinaigrette, which pairs perfectly with Xató Salad. We make it from toasted almonds and hazelnuts, tomato, garlic, sweet red pepper, olive oil and vinegar as the main ingredients. A vinaigrette that pairs perfectly with the ingredients in the salad.

But if you’re not so keen on Romesco, you can also choose from among the other equally excellent vinaigrettes that we make: honey and mustard, olive, and Modena.