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Uppsala Potatoes

The most Swedish potatoes


  • Fried potatoe wedges
  • Mustard dill mayonnaise

Origin and reinterpretation

Mustard dill, one of the most popular sauces in Scandinavian cuisine, inspired Viena to create a new sauce for fries: mustard dill mayonnaise.

This winter, we present a new sauce for our fried potato wedges. Based on our own recipe, this sauce is thick and creamy, like mayonnaise, with a spicy finishing touch provided by dill.

Our fries are the perfect accompaniment for any meal: just put them in the middle of the table to share and see how popular and delicious they are!


Dill is an aromatic herb whose leaves, seeds and flowers are all used in different ways. Its leaves, particularly, are widely used for cooking, and Scandinavian cuisine provides an excellent example: dill is a key ingredient in many traditional dishes in Nordic cuisine, some of them centuries ago due to the need to conserve food in such an extreme climate. That Scandinavian cuisine features so many smoked, marinated, dried and pickled ingredients.

Dill is so popular there that it is used in many of these processes, and is found in such dishes such as marinated salmon, crab in brine, pickled sardines, herring and cucumbers. It is even used whole to decorate many Scandinavian dishes!