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The Vegetarian


  • Bulgur wheat
  • Quinoa
  • Artichoke confit
  • Roasted pepper
  • Auberginie
  • Cranberries
  • Mesclun
  • Tzatziki
  • Provençal herb vinaigrette

This season we’re expanding our gastronomic offerings with a new vegetarian recipe, the Tza Salad, ready to satisfy anyone who’s looking for alternative dishes and wants to eat a little differently.

We prepare the Tza Salad with a bulgur wheat and quinoa base, to which we add artichokes, roasted pepper, aubergine, cranberries and a mesclun salad. The result is a delicious combination in which the cereal combination gives body to the salad, contrasting with the lighter ingredients that bring it texture and a slightly more intense flavour. This is an ideal dish to savour as a main course while looking after yourself and enjoying the tastes of Mediterranean cuisine. This time, we’ve chosen tzatziki to dress the recipe, a sauce of Greek origin made from yoghurt, cucumber, vinegar, dill and a hint of garlic.

El bulgur, como cereal, y la quinoa, como semilla, proporcionan consistencia a la receta.

The final touch is added by our new, home-made Provençal herb vinaigrette. This dressing has a base of extra virgin olive oil and Provençal herbs, which combine perfectly with our famous artichoke confit, slow-cooked in herb-infused oil. The vinaigrette abounds in flavour and scent, and really complements the other Mediterranean ingredients of the dish.


Bulgur is a cereal obtained from the cooking and subsequent drying of wheat groats rich in minerals and fibre. This ingredient has been produced and served around the world for thousands of years, and was eaten by Chinese and Roman emperors. It’s one of the main cereals employed in the cuisine of eastern Mediterranean countries.

While it may not sound familiar at first, it’s highly likely that you’ve eaten this cereal before without knowing, especially if you like tabbouleh, which is traditionally prepared with bulgur, though many places use cuscus or quinoa in its place.

It is now extensively used in vegetarian diets because it has high nutritional value, is flexible and adds an unmistakeable flavour to any dish.