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Cider is natural, refreshing and low in alcohol; it can be drunk as an aperitif or in cocktails and pairs well with gourmet cuisine dishes. This summer we suggest you accompany our new menu with Orchard Thieves. Its modern, fresh personality makes this cider the perfect drink at any time and for any occasion.


Ladrón de Manzanas is no common everyday cider. It differs from the traditional brew in the way it’s fermented and, in this case, the combination of sweet and tart apples in its preparation. With a naturally refreshing taste, it has just the right amount of sweetness, achieved through the perfect blend of apples (sweet, with Red Delicious, Gala and Starking, and sharp, with Granny Smith, Jonagold, Idared and Golden Delicious).

The result is a beverage with the traditional cider taste, but slightly sweeter and with a touch of acidity – instantly refreshing!

When ordering Ladrón de Manzanas in our restaurants remember you can choose either draught in a glass or a mug, or a can. This cider, which is served very cold and is low in alcohol (ABV 4.5%), will most certainly be a great choice to accompany an informal summer dinner or gathering with friends, or simply to enjoy as an after-work drink on one of our terraces.

With Ladrón de Manzanas, Heineken brings to the market all its experience and know-how as a cider-maker. The brewer leads the category worldwide with the most extensive range in the sector and is present in 50 countries with such brands as Strongbow, Stassen, Bulmers, Old Mout and Blind Pig.