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Piri-Piri Potatoes

Petit tresor gastronòmic portuguès

Origin of the recipe

The culture, cuisine and customs of Portugal would not be the same without all that the country’s explorers contributed through their maritime expeditions. The Portuguese began navigating the world’s oceans in the 14th century. But it would not be until the 15th and 16th centuries that they would initiate what came to be known as the Portuguese discoveries, a series of voyages and explorations undertaken between 1418 and 1543.

Piri-piri is an essential condiment in any Portuguese home, having arrived in that country by way of its African colonies. It’s made from a mixture of sweet red pepper, coriander, chili peppers and other spices. The result is a creamy sauce with a slight hint of hot spice, revealing the influence of the new ingredients brought back from the colonies to form an essential part of Portugal’s gastronomy. In fact, the name comes directly from the Swahili piri-piri, which means “pepper-pepper”.

Viena’s reinterpretation

We’re going again with what could be considered Portugal’s national sauce to accompany these potato segments.

The sauce is our own recipe. It’s creamy, like mayonnaise, a little hot and spicy like all good piri-piri and with a more emulsified texture so it can be enjoyed better with the potatoes.

Its intense flavour and versatility make this sauce a really attractive option to have on the potatoes you order with the main dishes from our menu.