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Natural fruit juices

100% natural beverages, fresh, loaded with vitamins and free from added sugars.

You decide: when and where you like!

This spring we will continue tasting our natural fruit juices, all ideal to savour any place, any time. Leith i Pigalle

The experts recommend we consume five portions of fruit and vegetables each day to follow a healthy diet. However, we often find that the hectic rhythm of our everyday life prevents us from preparing dishes that include all the recommended amounts.

Our juices are prepared with combinations of fruit and vegetables that go together perfectly, both in terms of taste as well as in their contribution of properties for our body: the flavour of kale and cucumber predominates in the Leith while the Pigalle offers you the combination of pineapple and turmeric.

There’s no excuse for not looking after yourself!

All our juices are made following the cold-press procedure. Both proposals are highly diverse in flavour but have several attributes in common: they’re natural, fresh, loaded with vitamins and free from added sugars. They’re also suitable for everyone, because they’re gluten-free and, apart from Pigalle, can be drunk by vegans.

Preparation: cold press and cold brew

All our juices and our almond milk drink are made employing the cold press process, which means they’re obtained using a hydraulic press while the fruit is cold. It’s a method that enables almost all the vitamins and nutrients to be extracted from the fruit and vegetables. The result is a high-quality, 100% natural juice, rich in vitamins, that means we can enjoy an intense flavour and look after ourselves at the same time.

In contrast to other, conventional juice-making technologies, today’s cold-press machines don’t shred the fruit, but press it to extract all the juice. This procedure minimises oxidation of the ingredients and allows the maximum amount of nutrients to be preserved.