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  • Lemon water with a touch of mint
  • Lemon coulis
  • Lemon

Limonata alla melagrana

  • Lemon water with a touch of mint
  • Pomegranate coulis
  • Orange

Our limonatas are Italian-inspired drinks made to order. This winter you can carry on enjoying our Limonata, and you can also try a new recipe: Limonata alla melagrana. Both are good alternatives to conventional soft drinks: they are fun, alcohol-free and are still, containing no gas.

Limonata is lemon water with a touch of mint, lemon coulis and fresh lemon served in a glass with ice. A soft drink fusing intense citrus flavour with an aromatic touch of mint.

Limonata alla melagrana also has is lemon water with a touch of mint as the basic ingredient, combined in this case with a coulis of pomegranate and fresh orange, served with ice. In this case, the citrus flavour is milder, fusing the aromatic mint flavour with the sweet taste of pomegranate.

Whichever is your favourite, both drinks are ideal at any time of day, whether mid-morning or mid-afternoon, and to accompany a good meal.


Pomegranate a typical autumn sweet fruit, full of beneficial properties and vitamins. The parts that we eat are the seeds, which are crunchy, and the membrane that surrounds them and is often used in desserts. But pomegranate is also found more and more in salads, ice cream and yoghurt, or eaten with cheese.

Did you know that pomegranate is one of the oldest fruit trees known to humanity? It is a very hardy tree: in summer it needs high temperatures and in winter it can withstand temperatures of up to -15º; It also adapts to all types of soil.