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Galets pasta shell soup

The Classic Catalan Christmas soup

The base of this traditional soup is the slowly cooked poultry broth accompanied by galets, pasta shells, which concentrate all the flavours and aromas that go to create a festive atmosphere at Viena establishments. A soup that, served piping hot, comforts the soul from the first spoonful.

A healthy, tasty hot broth!

Galets soup is a typical Catalan dish served regularly at family celebrations. The dish emerged during a period of poverty, as it is ideal for warming the body and satisfying hunger pangs. The traditional soup is still made in homes where the cook can spend a couple of hours in the kitchen.

The origins of galets (pasta shells)

The story of the galet, or pasta shell, is a curious one: it first saw the light in Catalonia in the early-twentieth century. In those days, the starter at Christmas dinner was a soup made with macaroni and grated cheese. But a pasta manufacturer from the town of Valls noted that macaroni slide off the spoon, making it impossible to really savour the soup.

This industrialist went back to the factory, took a long macaroni and cut it into two pieces. Seeing them, he was reminded of the spouts used to drink straight (“beure a galet”) from càntirs, typical Catalan earthenware pitchers.