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Discover the Spring menu

The tastiest Spring has arrived.

Spring is known as “the revolutionary season”, because it alters our habits and moods. At Viena we’ve also become revolutionary and renewed our healthiest offering.

Yes, eating salad can be an experience

When the good weather arrives we pay more attention to what we eat. We bear this in mind at Viena, but without forgetting a very basic principle: looking after yourself also means having fun and not giving up the taste and pleasure of a great meal.

Our hectic way of life and complicated timetables are simply a hindrance when it comes to thinking about lunch; that’s why eating out is now quite normal, even with the lifestyle we lead today. At Viena we want to make things easy for you and propose a compendium of new salads: tasty ideas, light yet complete, put together especially for people who know that enjoying yourself also means having fun without going over the top.

A new menu featuring original, urban dishes in a bowl

The new salads Wac, Fisch and Tza are a complete experience, with ingredients that complement each other by providing either balance or contrasts of textures and flavours. The last of these is a thick sauce that binds the dish, and some home-made vinaigrettes to top off the recipe.

The Patio Salad and the classic Viena Salad are ideal to accompany your favorite sandwiches; some and others, topped with our homemade vinaigrettes.

We propose you three spring drinks, prepared at the moment in our establishments, that will accompany you with the good weather whenever you want: the Lemon and ginger water, the Limonata and the Cold wild tea.

Additionally, we recover recipes of other seasons that we know you love them: Sofia Coca and Provençal Coca.

An experience you can relish eating and in which we’ve left nothing to chance, thinking of your wellbeing and enjoyment. Do you fancy it?