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Cider Sangria

La beguda més festiva per a sobreviure a l'estiu


  • Cider Ladrón de Manzanas
  • Fruit
  • Cointreau

Cider Sangría has been setting the trend for some years now. The characteristics and origin of this product have led to its ever-increasing popularity amongst the younger population. This is no doubt due to its sweetness and welcoming notes on the palate, which differentiate cider from other drinks on the market, such as beer and aperitifs.


If there’s one drink that reminds us (and has the taste) of summer, it’s most certainly sangria. Thirst-quenching, rich and tasty, we’ve drunk it at dinners and meetings and during long afternoons in little bars with friends and family. Because thanks to its refreshing and, on occasions, spicy sweet taste, it becomes the best option to combat the high temperatures.

Aquesta temporada, la sangria es reinventa per continuar reafirmant el seu lloc com el còctel de l’estiu.

This year we present Cider Sangría, a fun combination of Asturian origin made on the spot in our restaurants from Orchard Thieves cider and Cointreau, to which we add a selection of summer fruits and which we serve in a glass with ice. The combination of sweet and tart apples in Orchard Thieves cider contributes a perfect contrast to the sangria which allows the other flavours to flourish and stand out.

The result is a sparkling beverage with a sweet, fruity taste and sharp counterpoint which is really refreshing. This season, sangria has been reinvented to continue assuring its status as the summer cocktail 

Ladrón de Manzanas

Ladrón de Manzanas is no common everyday cider. It differs from the traditional brew in the way it’s fermented and, in this case, the combination of sweet and tart apples in its preparation. With a naturally refreshing taste, it has just the right amount of sweetness, achieved through the perfect blend of apples (sweet, with Red Delicious, Gala and Starking, and sharp, with Granny Smith, Jonagold, Idared and Golden Delicious).