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Sandwitch bread


Needless to say, the chocolate triangle will always stick in the memory of any generation… For many of us, it brings back memories of winter afternoons after school, playing games and sharing chocolate with friends we have known all our lives, doesn’t it?

At Viena, our recipe for this popular treat made from sandwich bread filled with Nutella, that delicious hazelnut cocoa spread. Once ready, we place it for a few minutes in the sandwich-maker to toast it and make the filling even more creamy (if that is possible) and – ready! Then we serve it straight away, before it cools.

You can say “no” to anything but temptation.

It is essential to eat it as soon as it is ready, for breakfast, as dessert or at afternoon tea, along with a coffee or a juice, according to taste. We cannot claim that it is made to a recipe but, as Ferran Adrià would say, to make this sandwich is to cook (for sure!).

Here is your excuse for a little excess at tea-time. Remember the name, #CHOK is going to be a big hit this winter.