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Chocolate cake

Inspired in the emblematic Sacher-torte cake.


  • Chocolate sponge cake
  • Apricot jam
  • Dark chocolate

Origin and history of the recipe

When we set out to make our chocolate cake we sought inspiration in the classic Sacher-torte. This cake was created in Vienna in 1832 by Franz Sacher, a kitchen apprentice who invented an innovative recipe to delight and surprise Prince of the Austrian Empire Klemens Wenzel Lothar von Metternich. The dessert was a resounding success and the young chef began a long career which would eventually lead to his opening the famous Hotel Sacher, where he would continue preparing his traditional cake.

Viena’s reinterpretation

Chocolate cake is a now classic of the winter season menu. Inspired in the Viennese Sacher-torte, our traditional recipe consists in a chocolate sponge cake with a fine layer of apricot jam and a dark-chocolate icing. It’s an ideal dish to have for dessert, or as a mid-afternoon treat.