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Cottage hamburger

A simple dish, full of flavour.


  • Homemade 100% beef hamburger
  • Fresh spinach
  • Tomato
  • Cooked onion
  • Emmental cheese
  • Homemade round bun

Origin and history of the recipe

This recipe was born following a journey to the heart of rural England. The true origin of the hamburger is of course to be found in Hamburg, known for being one of the biggest ports in Europe. Over the years, the emergence of new transatlantic routes shipping out of Hamburg with stop-overs in English ports led to the hamburger finding its way into England.

The inspiration for our recipe came to us from that country’s rural, foggy inland universe; from its former farms, which are now country houses. There, where a recipe’s ingredients were once made up of what the earth produced: milk, meat from the livestock, or the season’s vegetables, harvested from the ground.

A dish with great flavour and consistency made with our own meat following traditional processes.

Viena’s reinterpretation

The Cottage hamburger is the result of combining a homemade 130g beef hamburger (chuck steak, one of the most noble cuts of beef) with fresh spinach, tomato and cooked onion, all softened with melted Emmental cheese. The blend of these ingredients offers a natural recipe which is really tasty, fresh and complete.

The name of the dish comes from the Middle Ages, when rural England boasted huge farms scattered all over the country. However, with the passing of time and growing industrialisation they’ve been gradually disappearing. There’s still one distinctive element that lives on from these former farms: the cottages or small dwellings for farm labourers.