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The classic Viena recipe.


  • Homemade roast pork
  • Cooked onion
  • Emmental cheese
  • Homemade romesco sauce
  • Sliced white bread

The Alpino is a classic from our menu. It was born on one of our journeys to northern Austria, a country where roast pork is the principal ingredient of many main courses. Among the varied Austrian recipes, we discovered Schweinebraten, the dish that inspired the Alpino.

kochtopf via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Schweinebraten is a recipe for roast pork coated with spices and mustard. It was traditionally made by placing the pork in a deep roasting pan and searing it lightly until it was golden brown and the juices were sealed in. It was tied and put in the oven until cooked and then cut into slices and coated in mustard sauce. This recipe is still present on many tables in northern Austria.

Viena’s reinterpretation

The recipe’s main ingredient is joff or porchetta, and the roast meat we prepare at Viena follows the traditional processes. This is accompanied by cooked onion, Emmental cheese and homemade alpine sauce, all placed between two slices of white bread.

The key to the recipe is the homemade roast pork, which we combine with our romesco sauce.

The joff or porchetta is a homemade piece of meat that we produce in Viena with much care and dedication. The preparation begins by opening the pork belly and stuffing it with lean pork meat and pork top sirloin. It’s then seasoned with spices, tied and placed in the oven. This is a procedure we carry out following traditional techniques and leaving the meat to roast slowly for four hours. During this time it’s basted with rum, which little by little is absorbed until it creates a caramelised, crunchy coating, contrasting with the more juicy, spongy interior of the piece.

The other distinctive part of the recipe is the romesco sauce. We make it with tomato, olive oil, garlic, nuts and sweet paprika; an exquisite sauce that enhances the flavour of the roast pork.