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Preparing homemade bread

Old-school bread.

One of our most deeply-rooted traditions is the process of fermenting and producing our own bread. The flour comes from long-established mills with experience going back over three generations, and we mix it all together to obtain a blend of at least five varieties of wheat. The 14 tons of flour we use each week take shape in a wide variety of bread types: small baguettes, mini baguettes, coca flatbreads, brat buns and round rolls.

Fermentation is a key factor in making our small baguettes and mini baguettes. Every day we let them ferment for 18 to 24 hours in our establishments and we bake them on the premises every two hours. The result is fantastic: freshly-made crunchy bread, with the characteristic bubbles in the crust.

The small baguettes and mini baguettes are fermented every day from 18 to 24 hours in our establishments and are baked on the premises every two hours, so we can serve freshly-baked bread.

From a recipe originating in Italy, we make our coca flatbreads with great care and dedication to offer flatbread with a really crunchy crust, ideal for combining with our homemade meat ingredients. The result is hearty dishes, perfect for eating as a main course.

We also put a lot of passion into baking our own brat buns and round rolls, supervising the process to the last detail. Our round rolls are the best ally to the hamburgers that we also prepare in our production plant.

We remain faithful to our way of understanding cooking and our commitment to good handiwork. We’re artisans who know our trade, committed to what we do and how we do it.