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Coinciding with the new Spring menu, we’ve made changes in our establishments to address the use of plastics: a first step in reducing our environmental footprint.

At the Viena we always say that we’re a shared project: shared with our team, our customers and the society in which we live. That’s why respecting and contributing to the social, cultural and environmental setting in which we find ourselves is one of our fundamental aims as a responsible company. We consider ourselves a business of simple citizens, just like anyone else, exercising integrity, responsibility and respect wherever we are present.

True to our commitment, we are determined to reduce the use of plastics in our establishments: a first step in shrinking our ecological footprint. We introduced the first change a few weeks ago, when we substituted little wooden forks for the plastic ones we used to give with our chips. A small, but relevant initiative. And coinciding with the new Spring menu, we shall now make two even more significant changes: compostable containers for our salads, and stainless-steel cutlery.

This is how we’ve begun to do things differently in our establishments, in an effort to minimise the amount of plastic we employ, because we’re responsible citizens, as a company and as individuals, and committed to offering our customers the chance to enjoy more responsible consumption.