Cookies Policy


VIENA uses cookies on its web pages for different purposes, as described in each cookie policy.

The purpose of this Cookies Policy is to tell you what cookies are, so that you can recognise their purpose and learn how we use them. Remember that, as mentioned in the Legal Notice on the website, by browsing the page or accepting or closing a message, you accept the installation of cookies, unless you adjust your browser settings to block or disable them.

However, the message will only appear on your first visit. After that, it will not appear again until a certain time has passed. On future visits, you can check our policy at any time by clicking on “Cookies Policy” at the bottom of the page.

1. General information about cookies:

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on the user’s browser. Cookies serve different purposes and are an important part of the workings of the Internet, offering countless advantages in the provision of interactive services. For example, cookies:

  • Make it easier to use and navigate a website.
  • Manage user sessions, reducing the number of time that passwords are required and adapting the content of a webpage to user preferences.
  • Give access to restricted areas.
  • Detect how users interact with the website, enabling us to improve it constantly.
  • Offer advertising that is relevant to users.

They may be “session cookies”, which are erased when the user leaves the page where they were generated, or “persistent cookies”, stored on the user’s hard drive until a particular date or until the user deletes them.

Cookies can also be “first party” or “third party”. The former are those sent to the user’s computer from a server or domain managed by VIENA, while the latter are cookies sent to the user’s computer from a server or domain managed by providers of services that VIENA partners up with (for instance, a web analytics service, managed by a provider in cooperation with VIENA).

By navigating this web with the browser set to accept cookies, the user signals acceptance of the cookie technology used on this website.

2. Cookies installed by this website:

Analytical cookies
This website uses analytical cookies to compile statistics on user activity and general activity on the site. The information gathered enables us to optimise navigation on our website, and to ensure the best browser experience for the user, detecting, for example, the number of pages visited, the language used, the frequency and repetition of visits, the length of visits and the browser used, among other things. Users can exclude the activity of these cookies via the exclusion systems provided by the analytical tools or by setting their browser appropriately.

The applications used to obtain this information are as follows:

  • Service: Google Analytics
    Provider: Google
    Further information:

3. Guarantees and options regarding cookies

The user can, at any time, accept or refuse to install cookies or refuse the installation of certain types, such as advertising and third-party cookies. Moreover, after each session the user can erase all or some of the cookies stored.

The user can also enable:

private navigation, when the browser does not conserve browsing history, passwords for websites, cookies and other information about the pages visited, or
– the do not track option, when the browser requests the sites it visits not to track browsing habits and, for example, offering advertising of interest on the sites you visit.

We advise you to check the support pages of your browser to learn about the different options for managing cookies. Remember that blocking cookies may affect some or all of the functions on our site. For your commodity, below are links to the support or cookie management pages on the most popular Internet browsers:

The above links may be updated directly by the companies that develop the aforementioned browsers. VIENA will make all reasonable efforts to keep this list up-to-date. However, if any of the links does not work or is not up-to-date, you always can go to the “Help” menu on your browser.

If you would like greater control over the installation of cookies, you can install extensions and add-ons to your browser. Known as “do not track” (DNT) tools, they enable you to choose the cookies you want to enable.

4. Blocking the installation of our providers’ cookies (opt-out)

As mentioned in the previous section, the user may, at any time, refuse the installation of certain types of cookies, such as, for instance third party and advertising cookies. Some of our providers provide systems for directly refusing the installation of their cookies.

There follows a list of providers and links (some may not be available in Catalan or Spanish, but the “opt-out” button is easy to find in all cases):

  • Google Analytics:

Remember that if you erase cookies from your browser, it is possible that your preferences for opting out from earlier providers may also be eliminated, in which case you should refuse to install these cookies again.