Declaration of principles

The Viena is a meeting point of traditional European cuisine. A shared journey whose goal is to help preserve and promote the legacy of European popular culture, thus contributing to the legacy of future generations and inspiring them to fall in love with their lives every day.

Product: A meeting point

Europe is culture and tradition. It’s also culinary culture and tradition. Many cultures and many traditions.

We at the Viena want to be a meeting point of these European culinary traditions. The main square, the central market, the crossroads of Old Europe. Roads that come from all around and bring us products and recipes from streets and squares, from towns and cities throughout the Old Continent. We want to be the trencadís (brittle) mosaic that depicts a deep-rooted culinary culture. A mosaic that gives us identity and makes us feel at home.

That’s why our menu offers a journey through a broad variety of Traditional European Food adapted to the new consumption needs and habits of our customers. Singular recipes with personality, reinterpreted and with a stamp of their own.

Processes: Modern Artisans

Our commitment is to be respectful with this culinary legacy, passed down from generation to generation. Our commitment is to be, day after day, modern artisans: people passionate about what they do, people who know their trade and have experience going back some 50 years.

Modern artisans committed, first and foremost, to the Quality of our Product. In 2012 we were at the forefront of catering companies in Spain, being awarded the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management certification.

This commitment to Quality begins with product selection, continues with our own preparation of meats, sausages and bread and culminates in the restaurant kitchen, where every day we make the sandwiches and dishes we serve to our customers.

Modern artisans committed, also, to our ways of working. We know a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So it’s essential that everyone does their job with the fullest commitment and attention, while never forgetting to lift our head occasionally to see how it all fits together.

This commitment starts with safety as a basic and fundamental element of Viena’s internal activities and processes. It continues with efficiency and the absence of unnecessary waste (resources are scarce and valuable, and we should treat them as such) and finally leads to integration of all the activities.

We know we have our customers’ confidence thanks to this transparency and honesty in all we do, and we want to continue being faithful to them. We know there are no short cuts: it takes a lot of commitment, a lot of good work, a lot of learning and continuous improvement. That’s why we do things the way we do them.

Happy Customers: We want many Vienese

At the Viena we’ve always known that the customer is king. By this we mean that customer satisfaction is the reason for our daily work. Satisfaction we try to achieve, day after day, with top quality products, friendly restaurants and kind, attentive service.

So we work hard to make our restaurants welcoming, taking our lead from the emblematic, traditional European Cafés we all know: places to meet, to gather, to chat and to exchange ideas, where there’s room for music, philosophy, reading, or simply serenity and reflection. Because we want our customers to come to our place, to stay and spend an afternoon, midday, the night, the morning. Outside, life is complicated and stressful. Not in the Viena, in the Viena you can feel at home, comfortable, calm, taking your time and relaxing.

That’s also the reason we go out of our way to offer service which is kind, courteous, attentive and quick.

Because we want happy customers: convinced and long-time loyal. Because we want Viena fans, because we want a lot of Vienese. We want whole-hearted Vienese. Because our brand is made up of little moments and little experiences: a Viena is a festa major, a feast day shared with friends, a meeting place for a couple, a table shared by a family, a space with colleagues from work, a personal moment to look at the paper or emails in peace… We want there to be more happy customers everywhere, every day. We want there to be more Vienese everywhere, every day.

The Viena Team: Together we make Viena

We know that only through the Excellence and Satisfaction of every member of the Viena Team can we attract more Vienese everywhere.

Excellence that we achieve by working in a rigorous and consistent manner. Because nobody is born knowing, but everyone can learn. And there are few things more gratifying than seeing how people and talent grow in the Viena.

Satisfaction that we foster by putting passion and enthusiasm into all we do. Because we feel proud of our work and excited about the project and the future. Because we seek personal fulfilment, and that is achieved by enjoying what we do and working in a team.

Excellence and Satisfaction, the two key principles of the Viena Team, are the result of daily actions and decisions guided by our Team Values: Enthusiasm, Responsibility, Respect and Learning. Four simple concepts that give us our own individual character, personality and feeling of community. Four concepts that help us work as a team and all pull together. Because among us all we make and will make the Viena. Because together we make Viena.

Social Engagement and the Environment: a more beautiful world

The Viena is a project shared with many other people and institutions. And that demands commitment.

The Viena is committed to complying with all applicable regulations and legislation at all times and in all the territories in which we operate. Because if we want to be respectful with the society we live in, first and foremost we have to be respectful with the principles and laws that this society wants applied.

At the same time, the Viena is a project shared with a view to preserving a legacy. At the Viena we feel we’ve inherited the cultural legacy that our ancestors forged with their hard work and commitment, and we’re attempting to do our bit to preserve this heritage. That’s why we prefer to restore historical buildings, why we also participate in sponsoring festes majors and other festivities deeply rooted in the communities where we have a presence.

Moreover, at the Viena we feel responsible for preserving the environmental heritage for future generations. That’s why we try to produce as little waste as possible, that’s why we recycle, that’s why we make our buildings energetically efficient…

We know that preservation of the cultural and environmental heritage is a battle which is important for our children’s wellbeing, and for this reason we’re putting our trademark effort and commitment into doing it. Because at the Viena we’re the kind of people who firmly believe that with our daily effort and commitment we can help leave a more beautiful world for our children.

Humility: Every day we get up to do things better

This is our declaration of principles and, at the same time, our declaration of intentions and hopes. Inevitably, it won’t always reflect our day-to-day reality in its entirety. That’s why it’s important that the Viena maintains the Humility with which it was born, as a fundamental value and as a counsellor and travelling companion. Humility is what allows us to keep our ears wide open and improve, day after day, learning from our mistakes. Humility that reminds us we have to get up every day and continue the journey, with effort and commitment to a job well done.

Because all of this effort, all of this commitment makes sense when a family meets at the Viena to celebrate a birthday, when we get a smile out of a child with a balloon, when a bunch of friends share moments over our sandwiches, when a couple fall in love eating one of our pizzas, when a few grandmothers have a lively chat on a Wednesday afternoon over our coffees. Because there’s no more decent or respectable a job in the whole world that giving brief moments of happiness to those around us.